"Ready to Get Out of Being Overwhelmed With Too Much To Do and Not Enough Time To Get It All Accomplished In?"

If You Are, Then Keep Reading Because Freedom Is Right Around the Corner

From: Bruce D. Johnson
Date: Tuesday, 8:30 am

Dear fellow leader,

bruceweb-200pxWhat you’re about to read could be one of the most important letters you’ll ever read.

You became a leader because you wanted to accomplish something that you deemed worthwhile.

  • You wanted to build a great business (or organization)
  • You wanted to make a difference in the world
  • You wanted to make more money
  • You wanted to work with a team of highly talented people to accomplish something great

All of which are incredibly wonderful desires!

Unfortunately, those wonderful desires come with a whole lot of extra work and responsibility—which is why you often feel so overwhelmed with so much to do..

So, what’s the solution? Well the solution almost everyone suggests is … HIRE more people whom you can delegate to.

But It's Not That Simple ... Is It?

Based on my experience and conversations with leaders over the past few decades, chances are

  • You’ve tried hiring and delegating and have met with minimal success
  • You’ve probably wasted a lot of time correcting the work of those you’ve delegated to
  • You’re probably pretty frustrated with the people you’ve tried delegating to (hence the familiar phrase, "It's just easier to do it all myself!")
  • You’re probably somewhat frustrated with yourself because you have a sneaking suspicion that you might be part of the problem.
  • You’re probably frustrated with the speed at which your people execute (if they actually do ever get around to doing what you’ve asked them to do).
  • And, chances are you’ve never been trained in how to delegate well which is why most business owners, entrepreneurs and other leaders are terrible delegators (they're what we call, dumpers, not delegators)

After watching this same problem unfold itself time after time over the past thirty years, I finally sat down and created a very affordable solution to this very real everyday problem that I know I can help you with.

Delegation Mastery


In this over two hour, two-part video/audio program, you’ll discover

  • 14 potential reasons why you’re not currently delegating more even though you already know you ought to be delegating more (i.e. just writing down, “Delegate more” won’t make it happen!)
  • Why you shouldn’t be doing half of the work you’re currently doing (and which parts to give away)
  • 5 different levels of authority you can delegate away with a task and why not getting the level right is creating problems for you
  • 4 questions you should ask about every task that you’re thinking of delegating to someone
  • 13 questions you should ask before you actually delegate a task away (including the six you must ask before any task is delegated)
  • And the 6 questions you should ask before you select the person you’re thinking of delegating to

In addition, you’ll learn

  • How to think like a leader
  • What your number one impediment to delegation is
  • How to more accurately clarify any task you want to delegate
  • Which tasks you should hold on to and which you should delegate away
  • The one question you should ask that can completely change your delegation forever
  • How much “how to” you should give to your delegatee (and which two factors to base that decision on)
  • As well as how to find the motivation you need to finally become the master delegator you want to be.

"From Frustrated Dumper to Delighted Delegator"

"The ideas, concepts, and tools that Bruce shares in Delegation Mastery have had an enormously positive influence on the productivity and moral of my entire team.   Bruce’s materials helped me to understand the difference between delegating and dumping.  Using his tools, I have gone from being a frustrated dumper to a delighted delegator.

As a result, I am a stronger, better leader and my team is happier and more productive.  Every member of my team is now using Bruce’s forms to assure that all of the critical points of project and task delegation are understood by both parties at the outset.  The impact on efficiency and cohesion has been amazing.  Delegation Master has exceeded my highest expectations and has changed my life as a leader.   What more could I ask for?”

Kathleen Birrane, Senior VP and General Council, Maple Life Financial

Don't Miss This Leadership Truth
All The Benefits Accrue to Master Delegators, Not Dumpers

Most dumpers don’t get this. They think that if they dump a task off their plate and onto someone else’s, they’re ahead of the game—but they’re not. Why? Because dumping doesn’t work.

Dumping is a short-term solution that

  • Doesn’t get the work done
  • Doesn’t get the work done correctly at the right level of excellence
  • Doesn’t meet all the expectations the delegator has for the task
  • Doesn’t develop the person completing the task so they’re able to do more later
  • And it usually requires more correction and back and forth revisions (i.e. it requires more time from you, not less)

On the other hand, master delegators have a completely difference experience.

Master Delegators experience

  • Less stress
  • More productivity
  • Better relationships with their employees
  • Higher levels of staff morale
  • A greater sense of purpose as they develop the talent of the people they lead
  • A higher level of self-esteem and satisfaction as a leader/manager
  • Faster job promotions or business growth (depending on your position)
  • More time to focus on strategic issues over tactical ones
  • And more time to spend with family and friends

Like I said, all the benefits accrue to master delegators, not to dumpers. So, if you want the benefits, you have to become a master delegator.

Everything You Need To Be a Great Delegator

"I highly recommend you get your hands on Delegation Mastery. No one can ever become a great leader without first being a great delegator. And what Bruce has done in Delegation Mastery is give you everything you need to be that great delegator—regardless of what industry you're in."

Aaron A. Ghais, Partner, Shulman, Rogers, Gandal, Pordy and Ecker, P.A.

The Big Question
What's The Investment For This Course?

Well, before I answer that, let me ask you a question, “What’s your time worth?” For example, if you’re making a $100,000/year and you work 2,000 hours/year, your time is worth, $50/hr. So, what’s your number?

$50/hour? $75/hour? $100 hour? $200/hour? $350 hour? $500/hour or more?

Now, if you were a better delegator and could delegate several tasks to others that you’re currently doing yourself—or you could reduce the amount of time you’re currently wasting going back and forth between unacceptable versions—how much time do you think you could save per week?

1 hour per week? 2 hours per week? 5 hours per week? 10 hours per week? Or more?

So let’s do the math. If your time is currently worth $100/hour and you think you could save four hours per week (not even an hour a day), that would be $20,000 ($100 x 4 hours x 50 weeks).

In other words, it’s ALREADY costing you $20,000 a year to NOT be a master delegator.

"Bruce's Teaching Has Radically Changed the Way I Lead"

"What more can I say? Bruce knows leadership. His insights and coaching on leadership and delegation have radically changed the way I lead my team—to everyone's benefit! Not only am I a better leader, my people are better producers."

Dave Hess, Co-owner, Avery-Hess Realty

Or to put it another way, everyday you don't use the material in this course, it's costing you more than this course costs.

The Next Question
So, What Comes With The Course


Here's Everything You'll Get Instantly,
As Soon As You Join the
"Delegation Mastery" Training Course...

Online Training: Two Modules
Module 1: Prepare to Be a Master Delegator
- Uncover What's Keeping You From Being a Master Delegator
- Find Your Motivation for Being a Master Delegator
- Get Clarity on the Difference Between Dumping and Delegating
- Determine What You Can and Can't or Should or Shouldn't Delegate
- Learn How to Think Like a Master Delegator
Module 2: Delegate Like a Master
- Learn the six questions you must always ask before delegating (and seven more for good measure)
- Learn the five different authority levels of delegation (and why you need to be clear on which one you're using)
- Six Questions to ask when selecting the right person for a delegated task
- How to communicate when delegating so there's absolutely clarity between the two of you
- What resources you need to provide for successful delegation
- How to be a better coach
- How to hold your employees more accountable
- How to ensure successful delegation continues, time after time
Included Today
Both Video & Audio Recordings: available for viewing or download 24 hours a day $97.00
Checklists and Worksheets: step-by-step easy-to-use checklists and worksheets $97.00
The Delegation Mastery Course Book: walks you step-by-step through the Delegation Mastery Process $97.00
Lifetime Access: come back 24 hours a day forever $197.00

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Remember, if you're making more than $37/hour and this course saves you just one hour (not per week or per month or per year), you've already made your money back. But, if you actually do listen and implement the ideas in this course, I'm more than confident that you'll save yourself hours every week. In other words, this could easily be one of the wisest investments you've ever made (and it'll pay you for decades to come).

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